Businesses today are facing increasing complexity and no two business face similar challenges. So when it comes down to HR services, we streamline your administrative tasks so that you can focus more on your strategic initiatives. We devise HR solutions which are suitably customized thus fitting to the needs of any size business. 

We also duly commit ourselves to customer service and make your HR & payroll process as simple as possible. Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive HR solution that combines our in-depth knowledge and effectiveness of HR professionals along with the expertise of our corporate finance, management consulting, legal and accounting specialists.

Advanced HR technology

complete routine HR tasks-payroll, onboarding, workforce reporting, etc. within one online system. If you would require customized report, we'll build it for you.


You will receive personalized guidance from HR professionals on issue related to employee relations, employee best practices, etc.

Benefits administration made easy

Manage all your employee benefits from one place through online, data updated in real time, allowing employees to access online and make changes to their personal plan information.

HR Administration (HRMS)

You can make better business decisions by developing your workforce. All your HR information will be securely housed in a single database along with in-context analytics throughout the platform.

Online timekeeping

Time and attendance processes of employees are automated. Also, integration of time and attendance with payroll, HR, and other services is comfortably done. Thus helping you to save time and reduce errors by manually importing time sheets.

Compliance Assistance

You will get assistance with regards to government reporting, unemployment claims management, and wage claims and audits; thus limiting your employer related liability.


Whether you are looking for relaxed ways to pay employees or maintain compliance with your state's human resource laws, our payroll services cater to small and large businesses offering customizable solutions. Our payroll services are reliable and flexible, providing comprehensive information and education on issues related to payroll and tax issues, direct deposit (ACH), W-2s, W-4s, 1042-S, general deductions and unemployment compensation.
  • Issuing and managing of payroll
  • Producing reports in excel format
  • Personal or salary information statistics
  • Making of payroll accounting entry
  • Thorough cost analysis clustered by employees, department, specialization, etc.
  • Sending pay slip electronically to personal mail
  • Compensation calculation to be paid to employees in case of resignation and statutory termination
  • Budget preparation for the upcoming fiscal year
  • Monthly accruals & other annual bonuses preparation for employee’s payment
  • Consultations with our advisor for any labor and social security issues
  • Annual summary payroll tax returns preparation & submission
  • Annual salary statements of earnings & withholdings for employee’s personal tax returns
  • Employer registration to social security authorities & support on social security audits

Our Features

  • Simplified Payroll: We are dedicated to providing easy payroll process for small, medium or large sized company
  • Tax Filing: Our comprehensive tax services and years of experience will give you the confidence of meeting all regulatory and statutory compliance
  • Attendance & Time: We bring payroll, time and attendance under one roof to make better decisions for your business
  • HR solutions: We offer web based research application assisting you with HR information and solutions 24 hours a day
  • Labor Distribution: You can track the number of hours worked by your employees
  • Employee Scheduling: You can build schedules to track late arrivals, early departures or unplanned absences
  • Multiple time collections: You can choose from clocks using manual punches, proximity badges or biometric technologies

Why Us?

Single point of contact

Clients are assigned personal service representative who will serve as your contact person for all service related needs. For all your HR needs, you will be granted access to HR personnel who can guide on all HR issues, state-specific and industry-related labor law questions/needs and customizable documents.


Our web based payroll service is adapted as per client’s specific requirements, whether it’s processing employee payroll, time and attendance or worker’s compensation. It is a complete workforce management solution that supports client’s in their present phase and also provides flexibility for any future enhancements if the need arises.


The technology we use will allow you to secure your payroll data and accessible to assigned users only. The security feature we provide is important to us and this is done by keeping our client’s business needs into consideration.